Travel Resources

Travel Resources



Google Flights - My all time favorite option for finding cheap flights!

A feature this website has is you can see the prices across months in advance to figure out which date is the best deal to book or most convenient for your travel plans.

Skyscanner - If you can’t decide where to travel to and you wish there was a “just surprise me” option, well with this website there is! Honestly, the best site for finding the cheapest location to travel to when you just aren’t sure where you want to go.

GoEuro - I’ve used this site quite a few times and I highly recommend! This site shows you the price for traveling by train, bus, and plane at the same time, you can sort the results by different categories including: cheapest price, quickest travel time, and departure time.

BOOKING ACCOMMODATIONS - This is my go to site for booking hotels because I personally like that it displays the total price for your stay rather than per night which will help you budget accordingly for your trip.

Hostelworld - I absolutely love this site, I used it while traveling across Europe and was a big fan. They have the option of choosing between a bunk bed in a dorm for really cheap or a full size bed in a private room for fairly cheap. The dorm option is usually about $10 per bed and the private room $20-40 which is a great deal!



Freecampsites - Whether you are living the vanlife, RVlife or sleeping in your car life this site helps with finding places to park and sleep overnight. You look up a location and it will show all the locations that you are allowed to park overnight, some more shady than others but you can read the reviews left by previous visitors and whether or not they would stay there again. I do appreciate that it mentions if the roads are paved, the number of campsites available, the amenities, and the type of camping permitted.

Once you search a location there are 4 different colors of campsites that might popup:

Green: Free campsite.

Red: Campsite with a fee.

Blue: Campsites you need a permit.

Yellow: Call ahead or do more research before camping for availability.

Park Advisor - This site is free site and app, a bit more detailed than freecampsites, it shows photos, websites, and Google Maps linked making it easier to locate.

Just like freecampsites you’re able to find:

Campsites, RV Parks, State Parks, Public Parks.

Rest stops, Welcome Centers, Gas Stations.

RV & Traveler Friendly Stores: Walmart Super Centers, CrackerBarrel, Camping World, Cabela’s, Casinos.

I’ve used both of these sites and have stayed at each one of these options and honestly, if you are on a budget and have the space in your vehicle I would give it a go!

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