Favorite Travel Apps

Favorite Travel Apps

google drive

I use Google Drive to write out all my itineraries, and it also have the offline feature so you can see all of your documents offline without connection to service or WiFi. I also used this app to save a copy of my passport & license in case of a emergency.

google translate

Google has such great travel apps and one of them is Google Translate. This app just like the previous others allows you to download, that’s right you can download a whole language on your phone! Definitely comes in handy when it comes to asking for directions!

google maps

Google Maps is a life saver when it comes to navigation. The app has a downloading feature to be able to see your maps offline. A neat trick I used was entering multiple destinations from my itinerary into Google Maps and once done I would choose the walking route and begin the day.

google duo

Google Duo is a video-calling app that allows you to audio call or video call anyone who downloads the app, similar to FaceTime but is not limited to just iphones. You set up Google Duo with your phone number and

On the app you are able to leave a video/voicemail in case the person you call doesn’t answer. Once you get a notification that someone left you a message, you can watch or listen to your message by clicking on your contact’s picture then after you watch or listen you get the option to save it to your camera roll, which is so nice!


Spotify is by far my favorite music app, although there is Apple music, Pandora, Youtube, none of these are as good as Spotify in my opinion. I do think subscribing for their premium plan is definitely worth it since you can download all the unlimited music that you want and listen anywhere! Subscription for premium is $9.99 a month or $14.99 for a family subscription, if you’re a student there is a great deal (50% off $9.99 and a free subscription to Hulu & Showtime, $5.99 for all 3 is a DEAL!).

netflix / amazon prime video

A subscription for Netflix is $8.99, with the option to change how many screens are able to watch at the same time on multiple devices.

A Amazon Prime membership is $99 per year, but you can sign up to be billed monthly at $8.99 a month rather than all at once. Not only will you get next day shipping in amazon for all your travel essentials, you’ll get Amazon Prime Video! All the shows that Amazon Prime Video has exclusive to prime and aren’t on Netflix nor other apps.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer offline watching by downloading shows and movies.

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