Visiting Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Visiting Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

If you plan to spend any time in southern Nova Scotia, Peggy’s Cove is a must! It’s only a sort hour from Halifax with an extremely scenic route!

Even though it’s a popular tourist destination it’s not as crowded as you would think, if you’d like to see ahead of time how crowded Peggy’s Cove Village and the lighthouse are, check out their live cam here.


Parking was quite easy, you see when we arrived everyone was parking on the side of the road and would take a few pictures and eventually move. Since it’s a residential area make sure to not park along the private roads or block their driveways.

Right away when you turn into Peggy’s Point Rd you’ll see there is a parking area, with a great view of D’Aubins Cove.


From the second you set foot inside this charming little village you’ll want to photograph everything! It truly is beautiful here, it surreal.


There is a couple of gift shops and little restaurants you can grab a meal at a fair price. We decided to skip having lunch in Peggys Cove and we soon would find out there really isn’t any options beyond that, we were headed to the colorful town of Lunenburg and had a hard time finding a place to stop for lunch so I would recommend at least grabbing a snack if you visit in the morning.

If you plan to spend the night here and enjoy a beautiful sunset accompanied with a gorgeous sunrise book yourself a little cottage at Peggy’s Cove Bed & Breakfast at a very reasonable price!


Now for a spectacular view, head to the ravishing Peggy’s Point Lighthouse on top of the hill and get a handful of beautiful pictures alongside the rocks.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the warning signs! Keep off black rocks as they may be slippery. Sudden high waves can be a drowning hazard.


So I know what you may be thinking, so who is Peggy?

Some say it was named due to the villages location on St. Margaret’s Bay. But rumors have it that Peggy’s Cove was named after a shipwreck survivor named Margaret nicknamed Peggy who wed a local man and settled in the Eastern Point Harbour. Feel free to stop by Ivan Fraser’s Peggy of the Cove a childhood family home turned museum and gallery for beautiful artwork and history of the cove.

Admission to the museum is free.

Sun-Thursday 9:00AM-5:00PM | Friday 9:00AM-4:00PM | Saturday is closed


If you’re planning to visit Peggy’s Cove I hope I have given you a glimpse of how beautiful it is here!

How was your weekend?

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