Long flight Essentials

before the flight

  1. Wearing comfortable clothes is always a must! My go-to outfit consists of:

    • T-shirt, sweatpants, sweater & compression socks!

  2. While you’re waiting to board your plane, take a quick walk maybe go get yourself some water or at the very least stand, you’ll have plenty of time to sit on the plane.

    • Bring a empty reusable collapsible water bottle to fill after you pass security, to save on spending a few dollars on a water bottle at the airport.

  3. Packing healthy meals and snacks in reusable silicone food storage bags ( they’re a great investment!) or using a leak-proof lunch container.

    • Fruit & Veggies, my personal favorite is bringing chopped cantaloupe and watermelon, sliced kiwi and peaches or a pre-sliced cucumber with baby carrots.

    • Granola bars/nuts: I tend to always have a KIND bar of the peanut butter varieties in my purse along with trail mix.

    • Sandwiches: most times I pack simple ham and cheese, almond butter and jelly, or club sandwiches (ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato) with mayo on the side.

    • For more snack ideas check out these 19 Healthy Snacks to Pack for a Long Flight.

  4. Pack along 1 or 2 tissue pocket packs in case of a runny nose or to use after your snacks.

Personal item/carry on

  1. Carrying on a backbag makes things so much easier than a purse but to each their own.

    • Electronics: Laptop, Ipad, foldable tripod, camera, noise canceling headphones, travel plug adapter, chargers, power banks and of course, your phone.

  2. Invest in a small toiletry bag that is easy to access on your flight and pack:

    • Medicine: Dramamine, Aspirin, Melatonin, Antacids.

    • Bathroom essentials: mini toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, holding hairbrush with mirror, and hairties.

    • Other Toiletries: Eye drops, cough drops, chapstick, moisturizing hand lotion, ear plugs, and a eye mask.

    • I like to put the items I’ll be using towards the top of the bag for easy access on the flight.

  3. Travel Navigator to keep everything together:

    • Passport, license, credit cards, and cash.

    • When traveling, make two copies of your passport ID page and license one your phone and one to a trusted family member just in case you lose your information.

on flight

Usually a few hours in my legs start to fall asleep so I like to stretch a little by walking to the lavatory and doing a few stretches! Usually the flight attendants are ok with you doing a few stretches in the back. I’ve been in flights were people get a little extreme with their stretching, we are all sitting really close to one another so be courteous to the people around you if you stay in your seat and want to stretch your arms and legs, that is why would recommend the back of the plane and the lavatory.