the ultimate guide to the beatles in liverpool

There are Beatles tours all around Liverpool ranging $20-$180 and we decided to explore the city on our own, sure we got lost a few times but that’s part of the experience! Sure it’s a lot of walking, but Liverpool is a beautiful city to explore! I hope this helps for your trip to Liverpool.


the beatles statue

AddressPier Head, Liverpool L3 1BY, UK

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the hard days night

AddressCentral Buildings, North John Street, Liverpool L2 6RR, United Kingdom


john lennon’s childhood home

When visiting Liverpool, booking yourself a Beatles guided tour through National Trust. There are multiple Beatles tours throughout the city that will take you around to take pictures but this is the only one that will actually take you inside the childhood homes. Our tour started by arriving at Jury’s Inn, which is South of Albert Dock and the Museum of Liverpool, and we waited in the lobby until our tour guided was ready to depart from the hotel. Our tour boarded a mini bus and headed out to John Lennon’s childhood home in Mendips, where we were able to take pictures outside. We unfortunately were not allowed to take pictures inside as our tour guide had us put our cellphones, cameras, purses, book bags, and water containers into a storage closet inside the house for the duration of our trip. Our guide went into detail in each room we visited, by telling us how everyday life was for John living with Mimi in his teenage years. Once our guide was done he allowed us to wonder the home alone to take in small details in each room. Half our group went to the living room, kitchen and tea room, while the other half went upstairs to look at John’s bedroom, Aunt Mimi’s bedroom, and the bathroom (which you aren’t allowed in due to safety reasons) but you are allowed to look in.

Address251 Menlove Ave, Liverpool L25 7SA, UK


Paul Mccartney’s childhood home

Once our time was up and our guide returned our items we boarded the bus to head over to Paul McCartney’s childhood home located in Allerton. Once we arrived we were able to take a quick picture outside the home (which was a bit difficult as there were multiple groups from different tours taking pictures outside) then we headed inside where our guide put our belongings in a closet as before then proceeded to tell us stories in each room. We were then allowed to wonder around the house, it was honestly really nice to be able to see everything at both houses, we were outside in the yard and in the bedrooms looking at artwork and posters that teenage Paul hung up in his room, every fangirls dream am I right?

Although it’s a pity we weren’t able to take pictures but it was definitely worth it! The reason they don’t allow photography is because some of the items that are in each house are lent by family members, but you can purchase a guidebook as a memento from each house (we sure did!) when you purchase your tickets they’ll give you the option to receive a guidebook with your tickets. For about $5 extra we got two guidebooks, one for each house.

Address: 20 Forthlin Road | Allerton, Liverpool L18 9TN, England


penny lane

A fourth location to add to your must see Beatles’ locations is Penny Lane. You can take a Uber to this location but in our case we decided to walk the 3.5 miles to save money, and with flying for 12 hours it was nice to go for a walk and see more of South Liverpool. On our way to Penny Lane we stopped by a small antique shop called Penny Lane Emporium located at The Substation, Smithdown Rd where we purchased a small piece of art work from a local artist.

AddressThe Substation, Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 5AF, UK

Penny Lane Development Trust

Stop by Penny Lane Development Trust and take pictures of the colorful murals and shop at their mini gift shop, where you can pick up Beatles themed postcards and magnets. You can plan enjoy the picnic tables that are outside. We stopped by the Tesco Express that is right on the corner and bought some sandwiches, pastries, and drinks to have a peaceful picnic here, so I highly recommend!

Address: 60 Penny Ln, Liverpool L18 1DG, UK (right next to Dovedale Towers)

Museum of Liverpool

I wrote about this in my previous article but there is a ongoing exhibit at the Museum of Liverpool devoted to John & Yoko Ono. The museum is free admission, then exhibit is also free entry and will be available till April 22, 2019.

I would highly recommend checking out this exhibition, it consists of their art, music and film along with Yoko’s own private collection of items, some of which has never been displayed.

AddressPier Head, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool L3 1DG, United Kingdom

John Lennon’s Statue

We stumbled upon this statue right outside our hostel. The entire Mathew street has all sorts of different stores and museums dedicated to The Beatles, next time I visit Liverpool I’ll be sure to check them out!

Address9 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RG, UK

Strawberry Fields

I definitely recommend taking a Uber to this location, it is quite out of the way compared to all the other locations so plan accordingly. If you decide to go on the National Trust Beatles Tour I would highly suggest walking to Strawberry Fields from Paul McCartney’s Childhood home instead of returning to Jury Inn and leaving from here, it’s about a 25 minute walk from Forthlin Rd and you get to walk through the beautiful Calderstones Park! Just make sure to let your tour guide and bus driver know before leaving.

Address16 Beaconsfield Rd, Liverpool L25 6EJ, UK